Kannur - Kasargod - Mangalore workation.

JKK and I have been thinking about going for a small-budget bike trip ever after one year of covid, and I got bored sitting at home. We wanted to work and travel for a while. After one year of planning, we thought of exploring the North Malabar region, namely Kannur, Kasargod and Mangalore.

Since Jishnu’s home is in Kannur, it was easy for us to start from there and slowly move northwards. So one day in February 2022, I took a train to Payynur from where JKK picked me up, and we went to his house.


After short rest and breakfast at his house, we started exploring Maniyara(JKK’s native). Despite growing up in a small village, I had a very refreshing feeling seeing the beauty of Maniyara, where the population was much less than what i had seen around my place.


After roaming around Maniyara, we moved to our first workatation place, an Airbnb house in Edayilakkadu set next to a lake with a beautiful view. Edayilakkadu is a water-locked island with only two roads connecting it to the mainland. The place is also near the Arabian sea, where you have lovely unexplored beaches with almost no crowd where you can sit and look at the skies all night or count the waves. We also visited small harbours in the village with virtually no road to give accessibility.


Later the next day, we visited a mangrove nursery in the middle of the lake, which you can reach using a pedal boat or kayak. Once you get to the middle portion, you can step out of the kayak and walk within the marshy swamp with water to your knees. We had a quality in the area, so we met different friends and families who came to the place. The ride from Airbnb to this place was mesmerising, with views of coconut trees leaning towards the lake.






Kasargod was one of the exciting parts of this trip. Kasargod is mainly alienated from the rest of Kerala, and I never had friends from Kasargod until recently. Kasargod’s exploration started during workdays, so we had to fix one stay for a few days and then move to the next. During morning hours, we primarily focused on our office work. By evening we set out to explore the area in JKKs bike. So for the first part, we took a beachside 1BHK Airbnb room next to the famous Bekal fort. This landscape was entirely new to me and mesmerising. The population density was very low, food prices were low, calm and quiet environment. There was only a little to do after sunset other than going for small bike trips.


Next, in Kasargod, we moved to Kumble village. We had low hopes for this place. To our surprise, the Airbnb we took in this village was well-equipped with an excellent internet connection and even an inverter.

This area was barren, primarily with a not flat landscape; we had to climb up and down the road to travel. The good thing was most of the places we climbed gave a lovely view of the surroundings, with an abandoned Palace on top of one hill.

Looking back, Kasargod, without nightlife or much activity, sometimes makes me think about what it offers the people. But this place calls me back once more to experience the peace I enjoyed there again.


We came to Mangalore without any plans as such. Once we came to Mangalore, we realised NITK was nearby and did ad-hoc planning to visit the campus and spend some time there. We figured out we had a few friends doing M.Tech there. With the help of our friends there, we took the guest room on the campus, which was super cheap. Once we settled down, we started roaming inside the campus; the place was vast compared to the college where I studied. The accommodation facility inside the campus made all the students wander around the area all night. Once we started talking to the Mallu students, we realised most of them were friends of one of our friends. There was a sports competition on the campus when we visited, so at night we used to go to see the match and spend time with students playing in some corner. NITK has a beach attached to the campus with a lighthouse as an add-on.


After Mangalore, our 8-day trip wound up. We decided to head home, JKK drove his bike back home, and I took a train back to Kayamkulam.