Jordan Immigration experience.

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I went to Jordan for a ten-day vacation on Oct 2022. With an Indian Passport, there is no need to get the visa prior as you can use the Visa on Arrival facility provided by the country. Also, if you get a Jordan pass before reaching Jordan, it includes your 30days tourist visa fees, too (provided you stay for 4nights at least, otherwise, they will charge you the prices once you go for exit immigration).

I had a valid B1/B2 visa, so the officers who issued an arrival visa just glanced through my passport, gave me my visa and let me proceed to the immigration counter.

My partner, who didn’t have a US visa in the passport, had a more stringent process. She was sent to the police department, where they had a detailed check on all the documents like Jordan pass, Entry permit, and documents related to where we were staying throughout our trip, return ticket and whether we had cash or credit card. They examined all the documents, took copies of everything, and did some extra paperwork (not sure what it was because the form was in Arabic).

After thorough checking and waiting, they gave us a filled form, with which we went to the visa stamping counter again, and they immediately gave us visas.

Then at the immigration counter also, there was minor questioning like where are we from? How long are we staying? Where are we going? Name of the apartment that we are planning to stay etc…

Overall everything went well without much confusion, as we had copies of all the relevant documents. And Jordan, in search of Gold, was a Diamond to us.

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