Travel Travel Travel..... .

One of the everyday things I hear from my surroundings is why to spend for travelling, why not build a house, buy a car, buy some land, etc.

Looking back on my school/college days, I don’t remember much about what I did there, including studying and hobby projects that I built, but what I do remember is

Recently I did a workation to

These are the moments I cherish rather than any textbook learnings I have ever had. As I grow older, I sometimes spend time on these nostalgic moments. You cannot be nostalgic when you don’t have any memories and each day looks the same.

Once you climb your corporate ladder, it will be more challenging to travel according to your free will.

Some people don’t want to do this. It is their choice.

I am glad that I spent a reasonable amount of my time travelling in my 20s which is still going on. And a lot of photos to cherish.

However, due to health and work constraints, I am still determining how much time I can commit to travelling in the upcoming years, but if there is a good opportunity, I am pretty sure I will pick that.