What I wish I had known when I was 15 years..

15s is the age at which most people write their 10th-grade exams in India. After that, due to community pressure, most of the students opt for either medicine or engineering entrance exam coaching. I was also one such kid, except I didn’t have any pressure from my parents to pick one of these. Their only demand was that whichever stream I chose, I excel in the same.

One thing I would do differently in my life if i could go back in time to the point I was enjoying my 10th vacation is to make sure to visit a few Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 engineering campuses.

Whoever is genuinely enthusiastic about picking an Engineering stream should do this once; most of the students who have been dreaming fancily about getting into an IIT don’t know the difference between what an IIT or NIT looks like from a regular engineering college.

Students should get a chance to experience the campus ambience, cross-culture exchange, lab facilities, hostels, and interaction with faculties; all should be done by visiting 1 or 2 IITs, NITs, and other regular colleges even before getting your coaching. This would provide a more genuine motivation than dreaming about what they haven’t seen or experienced.