Airport Memories.

I love spending time at airports… I am trying to recall and document my early memories of visiting airports.

My earliest memory of visiting an airport is when we went to Trivandrum International Airport (Presently Trivandrum Domestic Airport) Shankumugham to see my Mom’s sister off to UAE after her marriage. I was around four years old then and don’t remember much about it.

My next memory is when we took a trip to Cochin International Airport (presently T1/T2 COK) to see off my father’s brother to Dubai in 2004. It was a group trip with my father, his two children, his brother-in-law, and me in a Toyota Qualis car. We dropped him off in the evening and then went to Ernakulam Broadway market to buy electronics. That’s when I got my first video game player. I remember that COK airport was constructed like a traditional Kerala building with slanted roofs.

I also remember another instance when my uncle lost his job in UAE and was returning home. The most vivid memory before I started flying regularly was during the global recession in late 2008 or early 2009. My father and I left for the airport in our Zen car around 4 in the morning, reaching CIAL around 7. It was covered with mist, and we parked our car next to the main building since there were no strict parking requirements at the time. We waited for my uncle’s arrival, and after we dropped him off at the court in Alapuzha, my father had to go there for some reason. So, my uncle and I returned together.

I have been to airports a few times after that, but I don’t have any exciting memories to recall, so I will skip those.

I have always been a fan of gigantic buildings and machines, which is why I developed an interest in airports and flights.

Although I have been flying frequently since 2016, I am still excited every time I board a flight, as if it’s my first time.